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The GAME.minder Interview #7 - Allynn from chats with Jeremy

It's a bit of a podcast crossover event with Allynn from Old Man and Bitter Girl. We chat GAME.minder Expo as well as what got us into gaming with some historical perspective.

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Old Man and Bitter Girl
GAME.minder Expo 


GAME.minder Interview 7


The GAME.minder Report #26 - My Suppressor Engenders Controversy

Halo 4 is in the wild! Jim and Jeremy talk about the new game a bit and run down favorite weapons. News topics include Adam Sessler, Silicon Knights, and Wii friend codes and we spend some talking about gender in gaming, both characters and developers. All this, plus this week's upcoming games.

Recorded at the Shaker LaunchHouse.

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Headline Stories:

The Friend Code is dead, long live the Nintendo Network ID
Silicon Knights ordered to destroy all Unreal code and products
Adam Sessler to join Revision3
Adam Sessler Joins Rev3Games (youtube)
PC users that bought midnight release of BLOPS 2 have Mass Effect 2 disc
“I am no man”: For Zelda-playing daughter, dad gives Link a sex change
Uncharted Vita postmortem details Sony Bend's struggles with writing a female lead


Games Mentioned:

Coming out this week:

Hitman Absolution, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale
Family Guy Back to the Multiverse, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of 2

New Super Mario Bros. U, Ninja Gaiden 3Call of Duty Black Ops II,
Borderlands 2ZombiU, Nintendo Land

Jim's Pick of the week:

Power Rangers Super Samurai

Jeremy's Pick of the week:



Episode 26