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The GAME.minder Report #36 - The Island Is A Lie

OUYA is coming to stores near you! More details leaking about the next gen consoles, one of which we'll meet for real on February 20th. And finally, moves and games, games and movies. Where does one end and the other begin? Gabe Newell and J.J. Abrams endeavor to find out.


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Headline Stories:

PlayStation 4 revealed
OUYA to be available at major retailers
Newell, Abrams announce plans for movie/game collaborations
L.A. Noire blooper reel chips away at the uncanny valley
The next Xbox: Always online, no second-hand games, 50GB Blu-ray discs and new Kinect 

Games Mentioned:

Coming out this week:

Dead Space 3, Aliens: Colonial Marines

Jim's Pick of the week:

Drangon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

Jeremy's Pick of the week:

The Binding of Issac: Rebirth


Episode 36