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The GAME.minder Report #9 - Battling for Betas is so Retro

Subscribe NowIs OUYA more smoke than fire? We also chat public betas attached to big releases, retro gaming remakes and run down what's coming out this week. 

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Headline Stories:

OUYA cracks 5 million
The reality of the OUYA console doesn’t match the hype: why you should be skeptical
Cleveland Game Developers Meetup
Medal of Honor: Warfighter will include Battlefield 4 Beta Invite
Uncle Slam Free Election Pack
GAME.minder now avalable on Amazon 

Games Mentioned:

Battlefield 4

Medal of Honor:Warfighter

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Coming out this week:

Prototype 2

The Dark Knight Rises

FieldRunners 2



Jim's Pick of the week:


Jeremy's Pick of the week:

Spy vs Spy


Episode 9


The GAME.minder Report #8 - Kickstart My Heart (and Booyah My OUYA)

Subscribe NowCan the record-setting Kickstarter Project for a developer-centric home console really take on the the big boys at Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo (not to mention Apple)? OUYA aims to find out. We also wrap up the RTX experience and chat about our upcoming picks.

(The numbers at the top and bottom of the show are the OUYA Kickstarter numbers when we started and finished recording.)

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Headline Stories:

OUYA: A New Kind of Video Game Console
$99 Ouya wants to bust down console gaming’s walled gardens
Oh yeah! Ouya receives over $1M in crowdfunding in less than 8 hours

Rooster Teeth Expo
Old Man and Bitter Girl Podcast interview
IRB Gamer covers GAME.minder
Constantly Calibrating interviews Jeremy

Games Mentioned:



Jim's Pick of the week:

Angry Birds Trilogy

Jeremy's Pick of the week:

Tiny Wings 2


Episode 8


The GAME.minder Report #7 - Crossing the Streams

Is Sony getting ready to go head-to-head against Onlive in the streaming game space? RTX, and your chance to play Halo 4, is just days away and Jim and Jeremy chat about their upcoming picks.

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Headline Stories:

Sony buying streaming game service Gaikai for $380 million
Rooster Teeth Expo
How Rovio Fought Off Bankruptcy to Make Angry Birds

Games Mentioned:

Halo 4

Civilization V: Gods & Kings

Jim's Pick of the week:

Amazing Alex

Total War: Rome 2

Jeremy's Pick of the week:

Cute Things Dying Violently


Episode 7


The GAME.minder Report #6 - These ARE The Droids You Are Looking For

GAME.minder is now available for Android! Jim and Jeremy also chat about the Game Critics awards from E3 as well as their picks of the week.

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Headline Story:

The Last Of Us Tops Game Critics Awards
GAME.minder is now available on Google Play

Games Mentioned:

Far Cry 3

The Last of Us

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Halo 4

South Park: The Stick of Truth

FIFA Soccer 13

Dance Central 3

The Unfinished Swan 

Star Wars 1313

Jim's Pick of the week:

 A Game of Dwarves

Notavia (Correction - Formerly Wordcraft)

Jeremy's Pick of the week:

FTL: Faster Than Light


Episode 6


The GAME.minder Report #5 - Just Scratching the Surface™

We're back from E3 and WWDC with some stories to tell. This week Jim and Jeremy chat about the Xbox Live Arcade summer games, and a playable Halo 4 demo at RTX in Austin. And if you've been dying to see what a Windows 8 tablet would look like, Microsoft has taken the wraps off Surface for Windows RT and Surface for Windows Pro.

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Headline Stories

XBLA Summer of Arcade kicks off July 18th
Halo 4 Playable at RTX in Austin
Xbox Controller Gaming Has Developers Psyched About Surface

Games mentioned:

Halo 4

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD




Dust: An Elysian Tail

Jim and Jeremy's Pick of the week:

Carmageddon (re-release)

Carmageddon: Reincarnation


Episode 5