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About The GAME.minder Report

You're already using GAME.minder to track all the games you want to play, right?


Well The GAME.minder Report is just one more way to find out about upcoming video game release dates. A 20 minute weekly show, the Report focuses on the gaming news of the week and also highlights some of the notable games added to GAME.minder recently, as well as what's coming out this week.

The GAME.minder Report is typically recorded on Wednesday evenings and released on Thursdays. We also sometimes have "Special Editions" or Interviews that are not released on a specific schedule but are included in the main feed.

Your Hosts:

Jim "Jimmy P" Paluf

I first earned my gaming stripes playing Super Mario Bros. on the NES I got when I was seven.  The neighborhood kids would show me all the secret warps and have been hooked ever since. There would never be another console in the house as I would primarly become a PC gamer. I fell in love with FPS like Doom 2 which then followed with Quake, Unreal, and Half-Life. I also became a huge fan of RTS games like Starcraft.

It was Halo and the Xbox that but a controller back into my hand. My PC gaming ceased as I enjoyed the options and constant gaming experience that a console offered. Today, my AAA gaming is primarily on the 360 as I either sold my Wii or it is still in a box somewhere. I have also been enjoying RPGs over the shooters and also spending more and more time playing casual games on iOS. 


Jeremy Handel

I cut my teeth on the likes of Mega Man. (The first one, none of this X crap. That was a game that made you work for it! Uphill, both ways!) Later, I would love my Nintendo64 almost to a fault (Mario 64, GoldenEye and Rogue Squadron were my favs). I went through the obligatory Civ-addiction and eventually landed squarely in Xbox territory around the time Halo began really making waves.

While I still play any Halo game that comes around, I've found myself to be primarily an RPG player now that my reaction time is beginning to dim (Oblivion, Skyrim, Dragon Age et al). These days I play a lot of Lego games with the kids and puzzle games on my iPad or iPhone but I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting things in the Indie scene as well.



GAME.minder Ringtones

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